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Evan K. Beecham
Prosperity Economic Advisor

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Are You Protected From This Market Downturn, Or The Next Market Crash?

by Evan Beecham on 01/16/16

Have we given our power to financial corporations that prioritize their own profits over our best interests? If your dollars have been handed over to the Wall Street machine to be used as gambling chips in a big poker game, it’s time to make a change!

At Beecham Financial Services, Inc., we advocate safe money alternatives that produce reliable results, regardless of how stocks, bonds, commodities, and housing, are performing. (Contact us to find out more.)

In addition Beecham Financial Services, Inc., also advocates saving cash and building liquidity with participating (dividend-paying) mutual life insurance companies, which are not leveraged like the big banks, nor do they participate in risky investments. Owned by policyholders, mutual companies have a centuries-long track record of stability and delivering far superior returns to bank CD’s or savings accounts when policies are held long-term. Contact Beecham Financial Services for details, advice, and (if applicable), a no-obligation life insurance illustration.

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